About PBEL

PBEL(PBEL Property Development India Private Limited), promoted jointly by Property and Building Corporation Ltd. (PBC), Electra Real Estate Ltd. and INCOR, is a Property Development company, which entered India's real estate market with its flagship venture in Hyderabad PBEL City. PBEL builds and owns residential projects, office spaces, commercial centers, high-tech industrial parks and cargo facilities.

PBEL India is a professionally driven company that has a diverse portfolio with strong real estate fundamentals. With focus on long-term growth prospects, PBEL develops and builds develops premium properties, which excel in having a superior location, beautiful and modern design, lifestyle and amenities.

PBC is a subsidiary of the Israeli based IDB Group, the largest business conglomerate in Israel, and is one of the largest real estate companies in Israel. Its main business is buying land, constructing, and selling/leasing buildings. The company owns many properties in Israel, Europe and USA, totalling over 15 million sq ft.

Currently, the largest project with PBC is the development and construction of the Plaza Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, including Conference Centre, Retail Spaces and Residential towers. It is a $5 - $7 Billion project. PBC operates in 8 different countries - USA, UK, Switzerland, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, Israel and India.