As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, we seek opportunities to maximize the positive contribution to the society thereby strengthening PBEL's futuristic vision of 'empowered people' that intends to contribute to a better equipped society, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and prosper. In implementing the CSR Programs, PBEL adopts a holistic approach to integrate human and natural resources for sustainable development and our CSR interventions are through active participation with government agencies, NGOs and CBOs and the like minded corporate agencies.

Taking this initiative forward, a Society under A.P. Societies Registration Act 2001 by the name 'INDIS -FOUNDATION' was formed (Reg. No.472/2008) that allows tax-exemption facility for the donations given under 80G and 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961 and the foundation is registered under the FCRA for receiving contributions from anywhere in the world.

PBEL assures accountability and transparency in the effective utilization of the funds contributed by the donors for the cause. Timely feedback towards utilisation of funds and resources along with the impact of each programme too are intimated through mails to all its donors, in order to keep the process in fair light.
  • Social Development - awareness generation programs
  • Environmental protection and promotional activities
  • Skill training programs
  • Basic need programs
  • Formation of homogenous self-help groups
  • Income generating schemes for better livelihood of the landless population
  • Programs in collaboration with NGOs and charitable foundations

All of PBEL's CSR initiatives are directed towards the economically challenged women, children, and the disadvantaged, and also the indigenous people/population, the physically and mentally challenged, and the victims of natural calamities.

And these are the current regions of our focus:
  • Indigenous people living in villages located around Hyderabad covering the Jinnaram and Narsapur mandals, in Medak district, A.P.
  • Greater Hyderabad suburban regions having about 13 villages (rural/tribal)
  • Hyderabad and Secunderabad Metro region
Each of our decisions and contributions has the power to transform lives. PBEL intends to create a platform for people to be sensitised and reach for making making those lives better Taking the participatory approach towards sustainable development, PBEL is committed to maximize resources pooled in through the donors , and adhering to its corporate social responsibility norms.

If you would like to support for the cause, please send-in your contributions in the form of a crossed cheque or D.D. favouring
'INDIS FOUNDATION', Hyderabad, A.P. and send it to INDIS FOUNDATION,
c/o PBEL Property Development (India) Pvt Ltd, Plot- 67, Road no.9, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, A.P.,

Your contributions would help in:
  • Educating and creating awareness among the needy
  • Imparting skills to financially challenged women for their livelihood
  • Making drinking water available to remote villages
  • Providing health education and medical care
  • Protecting and promoting the environment
  • Supporting orphan and destitute children
  • Supporting the physically and mentally challenged people
  • Income generating programs for better living of the economically challenged

Note: All the contributions made towards this cause are tax-exempted under the provisions of the Indian Income Tax Act.