General FAQs

Where is the project site? What's so special about it?
The site is at the growth corridors of the First Phase Outer Ring Road (ORR). The spot is equidistant at a distance of 12 Kms from Gachibowli, Banjara Hills and the new International airport. PBEL City claws the financial district of the city, the IT hub (Infosys, Microsoft, Wipro) at a mere 12-15 min drive. PBEL City hence stands testimony to the fact that one doesn't have to live far away from work to enjoy a life in the lap of nature.

What are the unique features of this project?
'PBEL City' is an ultra-modern integrated township designed by international architects. It offers a lifestyle on par with high living standards abroad. The city encloses club house, lush green landscaped spaces with playground and parks. Each flat has been strategically designed to offer elegant external views and pleasant interiors. The construction methodology used in the project is exclusive and the pre-construction survey made by the international architects are stringent and include a unique traffic flow program envisaging the kind of vehicular traffic within the gated community. Adjoining the project site is a natural lake of 35+ acres being developed by PBEL both as an environment initiative and as value-add to the community.

What are the recreation/ leisure facilities here?
A community center, gym, tennis, basketball and badminton courts, a party hall for all entertainment needs, and children's play areas that offer enough space to enjoy the outdoors. For every 2 to 3 towers, a party room, kids bicycle stand and property management office are also planned to cater to basic recreational necessities of each flat.

Why do you think it is a safe project?
Highest quality building material and fittings are sourced for construction that add quality factor to your house. Ground level vehicle (car, bikes) parking and free open spaces offer vast landscaped spaces between the towers; creating a safe and green environment. We have the best of the consultants from India and Israel; L&T, the world's top construction giant to construct this project. Technologies used in this construction – 'Shear Wall' is known to be earth quake safe. For quality building materials, the most premium brands are being used such as as Vizag or SAIL or TATA steel and Cement from Ultratech. Please see specification for more details.

What are the nearby schools?
SPM School,
Glendale Academy,
Sreenidhi International School,
SwamiNarayan Gurukul School
Delhi Public School,
Oakridge International,
Future Kids

Nearest Higher Education Colleges:
Shadan Group of Institutions (contains Engg./ Medical College etc)
LV Prasad Eye Research Center; Rao's Turorials;
AG Ranga Agriculture University, Vasavi Engg College,
Mahtama Gandhi Engg Collge,
CBIT, Bhaskara Medical College

What are the nearest hospitals to the project?
Shadan Medical College & Hospital – 1km
Sri Sai Hospital, Langerhouse – 4km
Bhaskara Medical College & Hospital – 5km
Jayabhushan Hospital, Mehdipatnam – 8km
Apollo Hospital – 10km
Hyderabad Nursing Home – 6km

Do you have baby care?
Yes, for every alternate tower we have a crèche or baby care center

What happens if I fall sick, do you have medical center?
Yes, community center has a clinic and pharmacy facility.

Can I celebrate my kid's birthday? Where and how?
Yes either in main banquet hall or grand lobby, - Main banquet hall is in the community center which can accommodate large gathering - Small gathering for 20 to 25 people. Also, a party room is available in the ground floor of each tower i.e. near the grand lobby.

How much is the maintenance charge?
We believe the appreciation of property depends on the quality and proper maintenance we will be charging at very reasonable cost i.e Rs 1.5 to 2 per sft

What is the communication mode with the developers?
We have an exclusive customer support team who are available through telephone/ emails etc.

What facility is provided in informing the customer on project progress?

A monthly status is provided to each customer
Do I get free membership in club?

Yes, it is part of the amenities.

Do you have video, books library?
Yes, and many more; please see amenities for full list of facilities

Do you help in furnishing the apartment?
Yes, semi furnishing is part of the package; and any customization, is by interior architect, at an extra cost.

What security system you have? Is it only at the main entrance or also at the tower entrance?

We have security systems everywhere across the site. A detailed security system plan is under process and will be shared with you.

Do you have car wash areas?

Are you doing rain water harvesting?
Yes. We will be using one of the best and economical water harvesting solution there is.

Why are the lifts enclosed?Are they safe for children?
Yes, with auto retraction/ self closing doors.

What are the fire safety measures you have taken?
Complete fire protection system with sprinklers inside the apartment and manual fire alarm system and fire path around each tower to accommodate fire engine.

Are these air conditioned apartments?
The semi-furnished apartments in the offering have air-conditioned bedrooms

What provisional benefits are there like for air-conditioners, dish washers, washing machines?
Keeping in view the necessities of home owner and to give and experience of hassle free living., provisions such as pre-laying of drain pipe for air condition compressor and plumbing pipes for washing and dish washer are provided or pre-installed to avoid breaking or chiseling the walls in future.

Why are the shear walls or load bearing walls required? What is its advantage for me as buyer or user of apartment?
Have you heard of walls with NO CRACKS and finishes as smooth as gypsum? This is exactly what you get with shear walls. In addition to this, its one of the best technology for earth quake safety, high quality finishes, faster delivery, no columns in apartments and is achievable only with best of the steel quality (TATA, SAIL ). Only few contractors such as L&T have experience in its execution. In short this technology gives safe, high quality and timely product.

What value does the expert consultants like Yashar, Sterling etc add to the project?
Experience, Quality, Safety and Efficiency go hand in hand and to have all this in a project, one have to hire the best of the consultants. PBEL City's consultants are rated as the best in lndia as well as globally. Future appreciation of the projects will depend on the developers and consultants behind the project.

What do you mean by false ceiling in toilets?
Concealing all the waste water lines under the slab.

Do you help in insuring the property?
Can help in referring to property insurance consultants or firm.

What happens if you back out or stop the construction in middle?

Though this never happened in history of PBEL Partners but in case of worst scenario home owner is protected by penalty clauses

Are you paying any compensation if the project is delayed by the delivered time?
Yes, during the booking time both the customer and builder enter into agreement

What do you mean by 100% power back up? Can you detail what appliances can I connect?
Incase power failure from EB; power supply is restored through generators with which most of the appliances can be operated

Do you have Wi-Fi?
At this point we are not providing but may be explored in future.

How can I connect to internet?
Through telephone line

Do you have any tie up with service providers like TATA etc for cable TV?
In process will share with you soon.

Do you have any tie up with service providers for Phone, Electricity, Gas etc?
Telephone lines and connection will be provided by top two or three service providers.
Centralized gas system is provided round the clock; home owner need not worry about gas cylinders.

Describe Electricity connectivity and payment plans?
Plan is to provide HT Electricity meter. Project will have its own electricity sub station and electricity infrastructure such as transformers, wiring etc within the project will be maintained by property management for better control. Electricity bills will be paid to property management which in turn pays to Electricity board.

What payment should be paid to property Management Company?
Electricity Bill
Gas Bills
Property Maintenance
Other facilities which are not part of common facilities in community center

Do you have any pick up and drop off transport service to Gachibowli or Airport?
Not at present. Will decide later based on demand

Are you planning to have post office, courier in the project?

Are you assuring us 100% piped gas supply?

Are you assuring us 100% piped gas supply?

Do you have temple or meditation place in the project site?

Other then view and drive how can we benefit from the lake?
Jogging track, amphitheater, open spaces, plush landscape etc

If you add project and lake area how many KM is jogging track?
6-8 kms

Are we going to get our internal plans of apartment such as electrical, plumbing etc?

Do you have bank or locker facility?
In discussions with the banks

Why should I pay 2 lakh for parking lot?
The actual cost is 4+ lacs; subsidized to 2 lacs

What does terrace or podium landscape mean?
Light vegetation – green carpet with low crotons, etc - no big trees

Is this a multi cultural society?

Where will visitors have to park car?
Separate designated visitor's car park

Can a visitor leave car in visitor parking overnight?
It is up to the property management company

Can someone take care of my apt if I go on vacation or away for long time?
Yes, the property management may take care at some cost

Can I use terrace? Can we fly kites from Terrace?
No. Closed terraces

What happens if one breaks the society laws?
Please refer society by-laws

How do you monitor servants, maids, drivers? Will they have identity cards?
As part of security measures Property mgmt will take care of a full plan that will be shared with the home owner.

Do you have servant or driver rest area, toilets etc? In short facilities for drivers?
To maintain quality ambience project is designed with special area or zones and these zones will have facilities for servant toilets, car-wash area etc

What does customer support means? Are they my account manager and will assist me with all queries and support till I move to apartment?
This is strength of the company and we assure, you will "feel the change" We have a dedicated and experienced staff to ensure all client queries is taken care of from booking stage to the time of handover. Be it the project status update, financial related enquiries, prompting on due installments, any general query or specific grievance etc. we are always accessible.

Who will maintain property after completion?
One of our international property management affiliates.

Do non-resident Indian citizens require permission of Reserve Bank to acquire Residential/commercial property in India?
No. An NRI does not require any permission to acquire any immovable property in India other than agricultural/ plantation property or a farmhouse.

What are the formalities required to be completed by foreign citizens of Indian origin for purchasing residential immovable property in India under the general permission?
They are required to file a declaration in form IPI 7 with the Central Office of Reserve Bank at Mumbai within a period of 90 days from the date of purchase of immovable property or final payment of purchase consideration, along with a certified copy of the document evidencing the transaction and bank certificate regarding the consideration paid.

Can such property be sold without the permission of Reserve Bank?
Yes. Reserve Bank has granted general permission for sale of such property. However, where another foreign citizen of Indian origin purchases the property, funds towards the purchase consideration should either be remitted to India or paid out of balances in NRE/FCNR accounts.

Can foreign citizens of Indian origin acquire commercial properties in India?
Yes. Under the general permission granted by Reserve Bank properties other than agricultural land/farm house/plantation property can be acquired by foreign citizens of Indian origin provided the purchase consideration is met either out of inward remittances in foreign exchange through normal banking channels or out of funds from the purchaser's NRE/FCNR accounts maintained with banks in India and a declaration is submitted to the Central Office of Reserve Bank in from IPI 7 within period of 90 days from the date of purchase of the property/final payment of purchase consideration.

Can Indian companies grant loans to their NRI staff?
Reserve Bank permits Indian firms/companies to grant housing loans to their employees deputed abroad and holding Indian passport subject to certain conditions.

Can the properties (residential / commercial) owned by NRIs be given on rent if not required for immediate use?
Yes. GOI in general has granted general permission for letting out any immovable property in India. The rental income or proceeds of any investment of such income has to be credited to NRO account.

What are the additional charges we need to pay for the apartment?
Refer to the pricing provided in the website

Will I get any special payment discount when I make the entire payment at one time?
Yes. Please check with the sales agent

Is there discount on bulk booking?
Yes. Please check with the sales agent

Are there referral benefits?
Yes. Please check with the sales agent

How many installments are permitted?
10 in total

What happens if for any reason we delay/ fail the payment?
There is a penalty; clause mentioned in sales agreement

What if I withdraw before possession?
Please refer our cancellation procedures

Are any Bank Loans available?
Yes all major banks are associated with us. SBI, Indian Bank, and many more. Please check with our customer support for complete list.

What is the total area of the township?
Twenty Five (25) Acres

What is the total built-up area of the township?
To be decided - 13+ 2 towers + 2 basements

How many days would it take for completion of the structure/ tower?
2 years for every building from the date of start

When is the overall project completion date?
4-5 years

Will the project be completed in one phase?
No, in multiple phases - Phase 1 will have 2 towers

What is the ground coverage and open space?
17% foot print is for towers and 83% is open to sky

How many towers are planned?
15 towers (13 residential + 2 corporate towers)

How many floors are being constructed per tower?
Ground + 18 floors = 19 floors

How many flats/ apartments are being constructed in each floor?
8 apartments per floor in 3BHK tower; 12 apartments per floor in two 2BHK tower

What is the height of each block?
60m from the ground level

What is the distance between the blocks?
Minimum of 16m between any two towers

How many entries and exits are there for the project?
One main entry & one exit and a service entry/exit is separate.

How many car parks are provided per apartment?
Essentially one; additional according to availability

Do you allow internal customization of the flat?
To a minor extent without disturbing the plumbing lines; please check with our customer support for more details.

Can we purchase two flats and merge them?
Subject to viability

What about water for the project?
Municipal supply for drinking purpose; ground water facility for utility purposes and recycled water for landscape is provided.

What about water for the project?
Municipal supply for drinking purpose; ground water facility for utility purposes and recycled water for landscape is provided.

What about power for the project?
100% power supply is provided through State Electricity Board

Why large balconies?
To enjoy the advantage of high rises that provide expansive external views, be it ground/ sky or surroundings. Further, air circulation is more thus fresh air orientation in the entire flat. Also above 6th floor less existence of insects and mosquitoes.

Why open kitchens?
To make the apartment look more spacious, and defining a trendy lifestyle. This means seamlessly connecting the kitchen to other parts of the house, such as the family room or dining room. In other words, homeowners can chat while they cook and spend quality time with family during homework time, with friends dropping by and with guests during get-togethers (large and small)

Why do you need double height lobbies?
It is defining a trendy lifestyle and to create a plush ambience.To bring natural light below grade, a double-height space acts as a large skylight and connects the ground floor to the lower level. The profile of the contoured ceiling is read at the double-height space, visually making the connection between the tower surface and the ceiling surface and accentuating the artificiality of the ground.

Does the full height glass balconies are heat intensive?
What can be more soothing than natural light gently filtering into your home through extended living spaces? To enhance living , balconies are covered with glass internally to the living area. Deep balconies protect the living room from being directly exposed to glazing sun.

Are the titles clear and can we see the documents and legal opinions?
The titles are clear and genuine free from all encumbrance and copy thereof along with legal opinion from two different independent advocates are available with our sales team for reference. Further, State Bank of India has verified and approved project finance for our project.

Is the property converted for residential use? Are there related documents to be seen?
Yes vide G.O. M.S. No: 871 dated: 30/11/2007; also GO No. 288, the property is converted for residential use. A copy of above G.O. is available with our sales team for reference.

Is it HUDA approved?
Yes, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority 'HMDA' (erstwhile HUDA) has approved the plan of our project. A copy of approval received from HMDA is available with our sales team for reference.

Will the land be registered as undivided shared?
Yes, on sale of flat, the applicable extent of Undivided Share of Land will be registered in the name of the purchaser.

What if the developer defaults on the delivery date?
The Company is committed to deliver the vacant and peaceful possession of the flat on time, except for any delay caused due to reasons beyond the control of the Company, Further, the Company in order to protect the interest of its customers, has agreed to pay the rentals to its customer, in case of any delay occurs beyond the agreed time of handover.

Are there any formalities or forms to be filled /filed when either the Sale Deed or transfer documents are to be executed?
Yes. There is a prescribed Sale Deed and Construction Agreement, as applicable, which needs to be executed by both the Company and the Customer alongwith other documents like Typical Plan of the Flat, Identity and Address Proof the Vendor and Vendee etc. The Company has its in-house Liasioning Department which takes care of above requirement and will guide the Customer to execute it successfully.

Does registration of any Sale Deed or transfer documents attract any payment of statutory levies/duties?
Yes. On registration of any Sale Deed or transfer documents, the following statutory levies/duties are attracted:
(a) Stamp Duty @ 7% (Seven Percent) of Sale Deed Value;
(b) Registration Charges @0.5% (Half Percent) of Sale Deed Value;
(c) Service Tax @ 2.575% (Two Point Five Seven Five Percent) of Sale Deed Value; and
(c) VAT @ 1% (One Percent) on aggregate of Sale Deed Value and Service Tax;

Does one register the sale/transfer documents?
Yes. Value exceeding Rs. 100/- on any Sale/Transfer documents of immovable property, registration is mandatory and documents should be registered in the jurisdictional office of the Registrar of Assurances or Sub-Registrar as may be provided by the Registration Rules of the State.

What are the consequences of delay in Stamp Duty?
The process of registration will result in transfer of ownership of a flat from the Company to the Customer and without payment of Stamp Duty, registration process is incomplete and hence delay or non-payment of stamp duty will not entitle the customer the ownership rights of the flat, in addition it attracts penal provisions under the Indian Stamp Act.