PBEL Projects

We at PBEL understand your needs and deliver them with unparalleled elegance. Our residential projects meet highest quality standards and offer unique amenities. Our commercial projects are at par with the growing demand for comfort at its best that offer impeccable services. The infrastructure, office spaces, and commercial centres that we build are versatile and suitable for diverse activities.


Principal Architects
Yashar Architects
Tel Aviv, Israel

Associate Architect
Edifice Architects Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai, India

Landscape Architect & Traffic Management
Raj Expedith Associates
Hyderabad, India

Electrical Consultant
Hyderabad Consulting Engineers
Secunderabad, india

Structural Consultant
David Engineers Ltd
Givat Shmuel, Israel

Starling Engineering
Mumbai, India

Principal MES Consultant
Nash Engineering
Tel Aviv, Israel

Associate MES Consultant
ESVE Consultants
Bangalore, India